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About professional indemnity insurance

What is professional indemnity insurance for?

Professional indemnity insurance protects you from any legal action taken against you as a result of offering your professional opinion. This cover is suitable for professions including:

  • Accountants
  • Architects
  • Business consultants
  • Engineers
  • Financial Advisors
  • IT Consultants

How to get professional indemnity insurance


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Have the following information to hand:

  • Retroactive date
  • Annual turnover
  • Number of fee earners

Retroactive date

When you take out professional indemnity insurance, the insurer will cover you for as long as you have had the cover in place, even if it had previously been held with other insurers. However, if there is a gap in the period of cover, they will not pay out for any time before that break. This is why the retroactive date is highly important as it identifies how long you have been covered for and should be carried forward to the new policy.

If this is your first professional indemnity insurance policy, you don’t need to worry about this.

Specific details about your trade

There will be different questions that you will need to answer depending on what you do as your profession. If you are an IT consultant for example, insurers may ask you if you work on any aviation software or life support machines. Your premiums could be affected by the nature of the work you perform.


What does professional indemnity insurance protect?
Professional indemnity will cover any legal action levelled against you for incidents including:
Accidental breach of confidentiality
Inadvertent infringement of intellectual property
Replacing lost or damaged documents
Errors and omissions
Some policies will also cover you for breaches of other civil liabilities including breach of contract or warranty.

What does it not protect?

You can not be covered for:

  • Breach of any legal liability
  • Loss of reputation
  • Loss of future contracts
  • Criminal prosecution

Levels of cover

The level of professional indemnity cover available is between £50,000 and £5m. Larger amounts, although less common, are also available if required. The most popular amount taken out is £1m of cover.


Additional features

Professional indemnity can be taken out as part of a larger package for your business or can be taken as a standalone policy.


Why you need professional indemnity cover: case study

Thomas is a director for Parker, Jones & Associates, an accountancy firm which is in the process of auditing Pharma Corp, a high profile pharmaceuticals company. Thomas emails some additional financial files over to a fellow director, Frederick Parker, to work on.

Once it is sent, he glances up and notices that in the ‘to’ line, instead of ‘Frederick Parker’, he has accidentally sent it on to ‘Fred Parks’, a financial journalist who Thomas met at an industry event last year.

Pharma Corp is furious with the accidental leak and as a result sues Parker & Associates for breach of confidentiality.

Conclusion: If Parker, Jones & Associates has professional indemnity in place, it would be covered for anything it is liable to pay as a result of the lawsuit resulting in the accidental breach of confidentiality.

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