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If you’re a musician or entertainer, YOUR Insurance
can provide a policy to suit you.

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Musicians & Entertainers Insurance

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What is Musicians & Entertainers Insurance and why do you need it?

If you perform as a musician, band, DJ or entertainer, you need to protect yourself, your equipment, and those working with you from risk. It may not seem important until the moment something goes wrong – but without insurance the cost of accidents or mistakes can be difficult to manage.

Musicians & Entertainers Insurance protects you if something goes wrong during a performance, rehearsal or when moving or storing equipment. Our policy gives peace of mind so that you, those working with you and your equipment are protected against the unpredictable costs that can arise as a result.

We pride ourselves on working with people with unique requirements. As a musician or entertainer you have particular risks - YOUR Insurance can help you find the right policy for your needs.

To find out about what’s covered in our Musicians & Entertainers Insurance policies, read more on our Benefits section below.

How to buy Musicians & Entertainers Insurance from YOUR insurance

We want to give you the customer service you’ve been looking for. That’s why there are only three simple steps to choosing your Musicians & Entertainers Insurance policy. We’re available with advice at each stage too.

  1. Ask questions: we’re here to help in the way that you choose. In addition to the information on this site, you can request a call back for advice from our customer services team at a time that suits you.
  2. Request a quote: use the web form, send us an email, phone us, or get us to call you back with a quote.
  3. Buy your insurance: over the telephone – just talk to our UK-based team of qualified insurance specialists.

Why choose us?

Insurance shouldn’t interrupt the way you work, but you need to know it’s always there, so we make YOUR Insurance work with your business. With YOUR Insurance, you can:

Spread your payments: to help you manage your cash flow you can choose to pay your insurance premium in monthly instalments.

Save time and money: we will email all of your policy documents to you so you’ll have them straight away. And if you have any queries there’s no cost to call us: all of our telephone numbers are free.

Know that you have financial security: by taking out our musician insurance policy you’ll know you have the support of Europe's largest independent insurance intermediary, Towergate Underwriting Group Ltd.


Key features

Our Musicians & Entertainers Insurance can provide cover for:

Instruments and equipment
We can provide cover against theft or damage to your musical instruments, entertainment equipment, stage props and costumes - even if they are left in a locked vehicle overnight when you’re on the road (although some exclusions will apply).

Public Liability
Your policy can provide valuable protection against injury to the public or damage to their property if caused by your activities including during a performance.

Employers’ Liability: can be added if you have already selected Public Liability cover. It protects any employees, helpers, volunteers or roadies working with you– it’s also a legal requirement for some musicians and entertainers so worth including. It protects you from legal or compensation fees in the event of an accident.

Hire costs
It can be disastrous if your musical instruments or equipment are stolen or damaged. We can cover the cost of hiring a replacement so you can carry on working.

European cover
You can also include cover for Europe or Worldwide cover if you perform further afield.

As with all insurance policies, limits and level of cover will depend upon the package you choose.

Things to look out for

To make sure you get the most from your insurance, it’s also important to understand the responsibilities you have as the policy holder too.

Average clause
This is applied by insurers in the event of a loss where the insured items have not been insured for their full value. The claim would be reduced by a relative proportion. Musical instruments can vary hugely in value therefore it is important to insure yours adequately.

Venue requirements
Some venues (such as council venues) will not let you hire their property unless you have adequate Public Liability Insurance in place.

You do have a responsibility to take reasonable precautions to protect yourself and others. But if equipment falls over or someone trips on a trailing cable for example, you could be liable for legal fees and compensation costs. That’s why Public Liability is important to include.

If someone you employ, such as a roadie, injures themselves whilst working for you, you may be faced with a claim for compensation. Employers’ Liability is available to provide cover in this event.

In transit
Instruments, props, equipment and other items connected with your business remain covered against damage or theft, even when they are moving between locations.

Minimum security standards
Unfortunately theft is a common occurrence. As a result, most insurers will specify the minimum security measures you must take to minimise risk of equipment being stolen. Everything should be stored out of site and inside a locked building or vehicle for example.