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Hotel & guest house insurance explained

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What is Hotel & Guest House Insurance and why do you need it?

If you own a hotel or guesthouse, there are risks from which you need to protect yourself, your staff and your patrons. Those risks can seem invisible until the very moment that something goes wrong, but without insurance the costs of accidents or mistakes can be unbearable.

Hotel & Guesthouse Insurance can ensure that should something go wrong on your premises, you, your business equipment, your employees and your guests can be covered from the unpredictable costs than can arise.

We pride ourselves on working with businesses with unique requirements. Whatever your type of business or the risks involved, it’s likely that YOUR Insurance can help you find the right policy for your needs. To find out about what we cover with our policies, read more in Benefits section below.

How to buy Hotel and Guest House Insurance from YOUR Insurance

You have two options when buying hotel and guesthouse insurance from YOUR Insurance and can pick the way that is best for you.

Buy Online: use the compare quotes button to start entering your details and give you access to your available quotes online in minutes.

Call the team: on 0800 107 4885 and go through your details over the phone and let them source the best policy they can for you.

If you can't find what you're looking for online, do call our friendly team of experts as they might be able to find you a more specialised policy that's suitable for your needs and not available through our online quoting system.


Key features of Hotel and Guesthouse policies

All of our Hotel and Guesthouse Insurance policies can provide cover for:

Our policies can protect you in case of damage to your business premises, including walls and gates, outbuildings and landlord’s fixtures and fittings caused by flood or storm, fire or explosion, malicious damage and impact.

Business contents and stock
We can provide cover to protect you against theft or malicious damage as well as flood or storm, fire or explosion, malicious damage and impact. You can also choose to include accidental damage cover in your policy.

Business interruption (loss of profits)
We can provide cover to pay for your loss of profits if you cannot trade due to damage to your property caused by one of the perils that are included in your policy.

Our packages can protect you from loss of business money from within the building, in a safe, while in transit or at your own premises, with a variety of agreed limits.

Employers’ Liability
We provide cover to protect you should any of your employees suffer an injury while at work. This cover is required by law.

Public Liability
Our insurance packages can provide cover to protect you against injury caused to 3rd parties (patrons, customers and so on) and damage to 3rd party property on your business premises.

Personal contents
We can also provide cover for you own personal contents that are kept at your hotel or guesthouse in your private living areas.

Loss of Licence
Cover is also available to protect you, should your licence to sell alcohol be withdrawn or not renewed by causes outside your control.

Optional features

Cover against damage caused by acts of terrorism is excluded from standard policies but you can choose to add it to your policy for an extra charge.

Things to look out for

To make sure that you get the most from your insurance, you need to bear these things in mind when choosing your policy and running your business:

Average clause
This is applied by insurers in the event of a loss where the insured items have not been insured for the full value.

Frying range conditions
If you run a business that cooks and serves hot food, your policy will include frying/cooking range conditions. This will stipulate that you maintain ducts, hoods, extractors and fans to high standards of cleanliness. It is very important that you comply with your frying range conditions so that, in the event of a kitchen fire, the maintenance of your cooking equipment will not be called into question.

Keeping your property in good condition
It is normally a condition of a hotel or guesthouse insurance policy that the building, fixtures and fittings are in good condition and well maintained. For example, it’s important for you to ensure that roofs and walls are regularly inspected, central heating and electrics are regularly tested and so on.

Minimum security standards
All policies have a minimum security standard. Criteria include protecting all ground floor or accessible windows with window locks and ensuring that the final entry/exit door is of solid construction and protected by a 5 lever mortice deadlock.

Theft by violent or forcible entry
When a loss occurs due to theft it is usually a condition of the policy that entry was gained to the premises through violent or forced entry. For example, if a burglar gained access by breaking a window you would be covered, whereas if they simply walked through an open door you would not.