Cleaners Public Liability


  • Public Liability cover - £1 million, £2 million or £5 million.
  • Add Employers Liability Insurance - for up to 10 employees
  • Add equipment & temporary staff cover

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Cleaners Liability Insurance

Cleaners public liability insurance - why do cleaners and cleaning businesses need it?

To protect YOUR money and YOUR business's reputation!

If someone slips on a wet floor you are cleaning, the price might not be just a loss of their dignity.

Personal injury claims can escalate if you are sued for loss of earnings, specialist medical care and compensation for the injury itself.

From mopping tiled floors, cleaning around computer equipment or polishing valuable antiques in stately homes, accidents can happen!

What does cleaners public liability insurance cover?

Cleaners Liability Insurance covers you if your customers, their property or the general public suffer an injury or damage to their property due to your work or equipment. (Accidents are covered - but nothing malicious, sorry!).

You are liable for the cost of claims made if you don't have Cleaners Insurance.  Without Insurance how many extra hours would you have to work to make up the cost? Cleaners Liability Insurance will also cover accidental damage to equipment (Such as computers and electrical equipment).

Buy cleaners public liability insurance online

We all hate bills, so don't leave yourself and your business open to one of the largest bills of all – an insurance claim. Get Cleaners Public Liability Insurance and the only bill you will have to pay is the excess!

We know that you are busy and searching for Business Insurance is not exactly fun, that's why YOUR Insurance has made finding the right Cleaners Insurance quick and simple. YOUR Insurance has teamed up with the UK’s leading Business Insurance companies allowing you to quote, compare and buy online.

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What does cleaners public liability insurance include?

Features of cleaners public liability cover
All of our cleaning insurance policies provide cover for:
Public liability cover against potential costs from injury or property damage claims
Legal defence costs for alleged negligence and pay compensation where your business is found to be at fault
Variable policy limits of £1 million, £2 million & £5 million, with £10 million available for certain trades
Optional features:
Employers liability a legal requirement if you have employees or are a limited company
Handheld tools cover against theft or damage to your portable equipment and accessories
Own or hired-in plant cover against theft or malicious damage.

Things to look out for - Exclusions and tips

To make sure that you get the most from your Public Liability Insurance for Cleaners, you need to make sure that you bear these things in mind when choosing your policy and running your business:

Public Liability excesses
Given that the work covered by a Cleaners Public Liability Insurance may differ, policy excesses will vary according to your activities.

Statutory exemption from Employers Liability cover
If you run a family business in which your employees are closely related to you, you would usually be exempt from Employers Liability unless your business is run as a Limited company

Policy restrictions
Some insurers will restrict cover by applying height or depth limits, or by restricting the use of heat equipment. You may also find with certain Cleaners Public Liability Insurance Policies that the types of premises you are insured to work upon are restricted.

Theft of tools
You will know that equipment theft is an occupational hazard for the cleaning trade. Because of this, most insurers have conditions which specify minimum security requirements to reduce the risk. For example, your policy is likely to require that you store your tools out of sight and inside a locked van or building overnight.

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