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What is Van Insurance and why do you need it?

Vans are classed as commercial vehicles – and the type of van insurance you need depends on what you use your vehicle for. Whether you rely on your van for business or personal use, it’s still vital to protect it from the risk of theft or damage. Business use can simply mean dropping items off on your way to your normal place of work, so it makes sense to clarify the cover you need.

Appropriate van insurance ensures that if your van is involved in an accident or is the target of crime, the costs associated with fixing or replacing your van, as well as any damage caused by your van in an accident, are all covered by your van insurance policy.

At YOUR Insurance, we take pride in offering insurance products that fit a range of circumstances. Whatever you use your van for, talk to our customer services team to find out the right policy for your van insurance needs.

To find out about what’s covered in our Van Insurance policies, read more on our Benefits page.

How to buy Van Insurance from YOUR insurance

We want to give you the customer service you’ve been looking for so we’ve created three simple steps to help you choose your Van Insurance policy. We’re available with advice at every stage too.

  1. Ask questions: we’re here to help in the way that you choose. In addition to the information on this site, you can request a call back for advice from our customer services team at a time that suits you.
  2. Request a quote: send us an email or phone us for a quote.
  3. Buy your insurance: over the telephone – just talk to our UK-based team of qualified insurance specialists.

Why choose us?

Insurance shouldn’t interrupt the way you work, but you need to know it’s always there, so we make YOUR Insurance work with You. With YOUR Insurance, you can:

Spread your payments: to help you manage your cash flow you can choose to pay your insurance premium in monthly instalments.

Save time and money: we will email all of your policy documents to you so you’ll have them straight away. And if you have any queries there’s no cost to call us: all of our telephone numbers are free.

Know that you have financial security: by taking out our van insurance policy you’ll know you have the support of Europe's largest independent insurance intermediary, Towergate Underwriting Group Ltd.

Policy features

Our Van Insurance policies can provide cover for:

Personal effects
If you personal property is damaged or stolen whilst in your van, the cost of fixing or replacing these items can be included in your van insurance policy. Limits may apply so please check what is covered.

Damage or theft of the in-van music system can be included in your van insurance cover – but remember to check if there are any limitations for stereos not fitted in the factory.

A courtesy vehicle
Your policy can include a courtesy van whilst your vehicle is being fixed. For some policies, a courtesy vehicle may also be supplied in the event of total loss through theft or fire.

Short term European travel
Your van insurance policy can also provide cover for travel in Europe for those times when you go a little further afield.

Fleet cover
If you have four or more vans to protect, talk to us about multi-van or fleet policies as these can be a cost-effective solution for multiple vehicles.

Breakdown and home assistance
You can choose to enhance your cover with an additional breakdown and home assistance option to provide on the spot help if you need it.

Legal cover
Your policy can also include cover for legal fees if required.

As with all insurance policies, limits and level of cover will depend upon the package you choose.

Things to look out for

Insurance is designed to protect. To make sure that you get the most from your choice of Van Insurance cover, you need to bear in mind the following:

Reasonable care
Unfortunately theft is a common occurrence, therefore most insurers will expect you to take reasonable care to prevent a problem occurring. For example theft or damage to your van or some of its contents will not be covered if it has been left unlocked, left with the keys in it or left with the windows or doors open.

Non-factory fitted stereos
Some insurers limit cover for non-factory fitted in-van stereo systems. If unsure, contact our customer services team to check if restrictions apply to your van stereo.

European cover
Cover for travel outside of the UK varies between insurers so talk to one of our insurance specialists to find out what is included in the Van Insurance policy of your choice.

Breakdown cover
The level of services provided with this additional option varies between providers so it makes sense to check you have the cover you need.

What we don’t cover

When you’re choosing your insurance, it’s just as important for you to know what we don’t cover as what we do.

  • Motor policies include a requirement for you to take reasonable care to prevent losses occurring. For example loss of or damage to your vehicle or its contents by theft or attempted theft or an unauthorised person taking and driving it will not be covered if it has been left unlocked, left with the keys in it, left with the windows, roof panel or the roof open (in the case of a convertible vehicle) or reasonable precautions have not been taken to protect it.
  • Stereo cover for non-factory fitted may be limited by some insurers. Please check your policy documents.
  • Personal effects cover may be limited by some insurers. Please check your policy documents.
  • European cover may vary between insurers. Please check your policy documents.

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