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Smashing: Glass Cover

If you operate a business on a high street, you could easily find yourself wishing that the only windows that crashed were computer related. (Yes, a bit of an odd metaphor, but that has been exactly what my computer has been doing all day and I felt writing about computer breakdown cover was a little on the nose.)

ShatteredHigh street-based businesses will normally have big, awkward-to-replace, windows as part of their storefronts and if you have these, you could find glass cover a valuable addition to your business insurance.

Even in relatively remote, quiet and peaceful high streets, you can find your property under attack from either thieves or vandals who will smash a way into your property. It might not even be as dramatic as that and could be the result of a relatively mundane accident - although it shouldn’t happen, on rare occasions glass is known to shatter under the slightest strain seemingly spontaneously.

Glass cover will predominantly covers three things:

  • Cost of materials
  • Replacing the frames and lettering
  • Fees for an emergency call out

Consumer protectionMaterials can be costly and will often need to be modified for your particular building if you don’t have a standard panel size. The cost of calling someone out on short notice to fit the windows can also get. On the plus side however, professional replacement services should be able to get a repair turned around in 24 hours or less, even for more complicated or large windows.

Depending on the size of the property, replacing the windows can easily run into four figures when factoring in materials and call out fees. Having a gaping hole in the front of your business obviously presents certain security concerns, but also doesn’t give potential customers a particularly good first impression so this is something you’ll want to fix as soon as you can.

Even if the window is just cracked with spidery lines spreading out from the impact, you will probably want this fixed sooner rather than later as again, it looks bad for business. Although it’s not a completely solid theory, there has also been sociological research that suggests once one window is broken, vandals are more likely to break a second.

Glass cover can take some of the strain off the repair process by taking the financial worry out of the equation. It can easily be taken out as part of a package for your shop, café, restaurant or high-street business front and is a fairly standard element to these policies. Although you might find that the cost of the cover fluctuates depending on how lively your location is, it’s worth looking in to and finding out how much it would cost you.

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