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Why are you running a pub?

beerTo all those pub landlords out there who might be reading this: Why on earth are you running a pub? I’m not saying the rest of us aren’t grateful or anything, I mean the pub is the cornerstone of British society acting as a collective meeting place for cultural and sporting societies ranging from the local cricket club to the local board games enthusiast club. They also sell alcohol which is nice.

But why on earth are you running a pub? The profession of pub landlord has almost approached volunteer status in recent years with the phenomenally steep increases in beer tax and increased competition from the larger chains. Even the larger chains themselves are struggling. If nothing else, there is definitely less money in the pub business than there used to be.

Anyone who has been running a pub for more than a couple of minutes will also be able to tell you all of the other joys that await you as a landlord. Not all of your clientele will be pleasant people to begin with, let alone with the introduction to alcohol to their systems. Some might start fights, some might be up to underhand activities on your property and some of them might even be under 18 which can open you up to all sorts of problems if you accidentally serve one of them. Not only that, but even your good customers might be a little rowdy leaving your pub which could cause neighbours to lodge complaints of midnight noises with the council and result in you losing your license.

I know several people who after pint number three have muttered something along the lines of “I wish I could run a pub. You’d get to spend all day in the pub.” It would take a lot more than three pints to get me to think the same. At least four.

Not all bad

BarrelOf course, some landlords are happy with their lot. They’re happy with their decisions and their business which should cause you to rightly assume that it can be a tremendously rewarding job. Like running any small business, the odds are stacked against you, but overcoming those odds could make you feel like a champion on top of the world.

To fight off the myriad of things that will threaten your pub on a daily basis, you need allies, and a good ally to have on your side is a decent pub insurance package. Unpleasant and aggressive customers can be mitigated by assault cover, losing your license can be helped by license cover which will help you to win it back and business interruption will help you out if the forces of nature conspire to burn your building to the ground.

You have enough to worry about without worrying about things that you can easily do something about. If you are such a brave and selfless person as to be running a pub for the rest of us, please consider taking out some form of insurance on your business. The rest of us are rooting for you as well after all.

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