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A tennis court covered in strawberries

Strawberries and tennisStuck behind a rather slow, possibly lost and apparently late bus this morning on my way to work, my eyes constantly read over the advert on the back promoting one of Surrey’s recycling schemes.

“Did you know that every week, Surrey throws away enough strawberries to cover a tennis court?”

How wasteful. I mean, it’s not like they grow on trees or anything.

After making flippant comments to myself for about ten minutes and coming round to the decision that it was in fact a disgraceful waste of food, it got me thinking about business practises. Recycling is of course an excellent habit to get in to and could very well be the thing that pulls our modern society out of environmental oblivion, but sometimes, recycling doesn’t have to happen at the other end of a blue-lidded wheelie bin.

Sometimes, you can recycle things that you’ve thrown away yourself but sometimes you can go a step further and avoid the issue altogether by questioning whether you need those things in the first place.

This isn’t an effort to champion austerity or anything like that (there are plenty of other organisations in the public sector who are keen to do that right now) but instead, this is a call to look at what you’re using and be prepared to adapt.

If you’re buying perishable materials that are going from delivery van to storage space and then straight into the bin, then you are wasting money as well as the materials themselves. If you have any waste, then find it and cut it off at the head and you will find a pocketful of cash that you can use on something else to help your business.

If you’re throwing away a tennis court of strawberries each week, buy fewer strawberries.

Written by David Hing for YOUR Insurance

Image and strawberry statistics courtesy of Surrey County Council’s Love Food Surrey campaign.