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Proving you are covered

Proof of coverWe get a lot of requests from clients for documents that show they are covered, so we thought we’d write something about what actually counts as proof.

Once you have succeeded in putting your employers’ liability and public liability insurance in place, you may from time to time be required to show people that you have it. Even if you didn’t have to do this, it is something your customers and clients would be reassured by as it gives out a good impression that you are a responsible person and that they are in good, sensible hands.

If you’re shaky on exactly why you might need this cover in the first place, this post might not be the best place to start, so have a glance over our public liability insurance or employers’ liability insurance guides and then come back.

Proving public liability insurance

Public liability

To prove that you are covered, it is not actually a certificate of insurance you need, but the schedule of insurance that is sent out when you buy the policy. A lot of people assume their insurer has forgotten to send them a certificate or that they have misplaced it themselves, but the truth is there isn’t always a certificate for this particular type of cover. Not only that, but if you do have a certificate, it is mostly a meaningless piece of paper with no legal clout behind it!

The schedule will show to your client how much cover you have in place, exactly what you are covered for and if there are any exclusions you might have on the policy. The schedule is sent out by email or post whenever you take out a public liability insurance policy and should be used to prove to your client that you have taken out the cover.

Proving employers’ liability insurance

EmployeesEmployers’ liability insurance, unlike public liability insurance, does come with a certificate of insurance which is a legally significant document. This will be a physical or electronic document sent out from the underwriter you have taken the cover out with.

If you are an employer, you have to display this certificate somewhere on your premises for your employees to see as proof of your employers’ liability cover. This means either a paper copy of the certificate needs to be displayed on a notice board somewhere or an electronic version can be placed on an intranet system if you have one.

Although the legalities of where exactly you can get away with displaying your certificate are vague (apparently the inside of somebody’s desk drawer has in some cases proved to be sufficient), not displaying your proof of cover or more importantly being unable to present it to a health and safety inspector if requested can land you with a £1,000 fine. That’s not quite as bad as the daily fine that you would face for not having the cover in the first place, but it’s still something you could do without.

If you run a shop, a pub, a restaurant or café, you might also want to have proof of your employers’ liability and public liability insurance displayed somewhere that your customers can see, maybe the till or bar. This generally gives a good impression for your customers and lets them know that you have at least considered their welfare.

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