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How the Van Best Practice Guide can help your business

How the Van Best Practice Guide can help your businessThe Van Best Practice Programme (VBPP) is dedicated to helping van owners increase their drivers’ efficiencies, while reducing operating costs and overall environmental impact. The VBPP website offers van owners useful tips, guides and practical advice on a wide range of topics including van efficiency, safety, vehicle specifications and fuel management.

YOUR Insurance, the small business and van insurance specialists, highlights some key features of the VBPP programme below:

Improving driver safety – Whether your business operates a single van or a whole fleet, improving driver safety can help reduce van insurance premiums, operational costs, optimise fuel consumption and keep drivers safe on the road.

The VBPP recommends encouraging your drivers to drive defensively and to be aware of their surroundings. If they are aware of other vehicles and obstacles at all times, they are less likely to hit or be hit by them. Leaving ample space between your van and the vehicle in front will give your driver more time to react if anything unexpected were to happen. Observing the speed limit and avoiding rapid starts and stops could not only improve fuel economy, but also decrease the likelihood of incidents and accidents.

Protecting your business - Even the safest drivers are involved in accidents, sometimes through no fault of their own. Adequate van insurance cover is essential to protect your business from expensive van repair bills. YOUR Insurance offers a range of cost effective van insurance policies that can be tailored to suit your van insurance needs.

From stereo and personal effects cover to breakdown cover and a 24-hour free emergency and legal helpline, YOUR Insurance offers cover to suit your specific van insurance requirements. We also offer affordable monthly payment options.

Depending on your specific requirements and the level of van insurance cover you select, you can tailor your van insurance to include a courtesy van for up to 14 days, a protected no claims bonus, coverage for one van or a whole fleet, as well as 30 days’ European cover annually. Contact us for more information or a free van insurance quote.