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Salon insurance: Reducing your business risk

Salon insuranceIf you own a salon, whether it is a hair, beauty, nail or tanning salon, salon insurance should be an integral part of your business plan. Salon insurance may sound like a dull issue when it comes to the beauty industry but it makes sound business sense. When an unforeseen incident occurs, salon insurance could be the only thing that saves your business from financial ruin. Salon insurance not only protects you, your employees and your customers, it protects your stock, furniture, fittings, equipment and premises too.

Your salon could run smoothly for months and then one day the unexpected happens. A customer is accidently burnt with a pair of curling irons. Perhaps one of your staff members trip in the salon and injure themselves. It could be that a fire rips through your salon, leaving only the charred remains of a once thriving business. Or, you could become a victim of crime, losing the expensive tools of your trade or an entire week’s takings. Whatever the circumstances when something does go wrong, a salon insurance policy from YOUR Insurance can provide you with peace of mind about your business.

All salon insurance policies are not equal; you need a policy that matches your salon’s exact requirements. There are many options that enable you to tailor your salon insurance policy to suit your particular business needs.

Public liability provides cover for any damages you owe if you are found to have acted negligently. This covers any injuries sustained by a client in your salon, and the cost of fixing employee mistakes. If you are found to be responsible for an employee’s injury or illness sustained at work, employer’s liability insurance can cover your legal fees and any compensation you are ordered to pay.

If you run or own your own salon, you should consider business interruption cover – it supplements your income if your salon has to close for repairs as a result of fire or flood damage. YOUR Insurance’s salon cover also features a ‘goods in transit’ option that covers loss or damage to your business’ products during transportation.

Whether you run a small salon or a large shop with several employees, you are likely to have equipment and stock that is expensive to replace. Make sure your salon insurance covers theft and damage to your equipment and stock as well.

YOUR Insurance offers expert advice and a comprehensive range of salon insurance options to protect your business so when the unexpected happens, you are covered. Contact us for more information or a free salon cover quote now.