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A guide to professional indemnity insurance

If you are in the business of selling your knowledge or skills, you may want to consider taking out Professional Indemnity Insurance.

For Professional Indemnity Insurance designed to fit the needs of professionals, you can count on YOUR Insurance to offer a policy to suit your business.

All of our policies can provide cover for:

  • Loss of data or documents
  • Dishonesty or theft
  • Intellectual property
  • Negligence

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Professional Indemnity Insurance explained

What is Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Our UK Professional Indemnity Insurance provides cover for claims brought against the policyholder due to professional negligence. It also provides essential financial protection for a wide range of advisory professions. This includes people who advise, design or offer other similar services in a professional role.

If you are a new business, talk to us about covering all aspects of your venture with policies such as cover for your company vehicle or Commercial Office Insurance.

Why do I need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

It takes time and effort to build a professional business and to build a strong reputation. For businesses offering a range of professional services including a variety of advice, design and consultancy services, Professional Indemnity Insurance provides valuable business protection.

In the event that you or others working in your business make a mistake or omission, or act negligently, then a claim against the business from a client or other third party could have significant financial implications. In some cases, it could ruin the business or its reputation altogether. Professional Indemnity Insurance ensures your business remains protected from the potentially crippling effects of a claim.

At YOUR Insurance, we take pride in offering Business Insurance products for a broad spectrum of businesses, including Architect and Tradesman Insurance. Talk to us about the level of Professional Indemnity Insurance your business needs.

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How to buy Professional Indemnity Insurance from YOUR Insurance

YOUR Insurance wants to give you the customer service you’ve been looking for. That’s why there are only three simple steps to choosing your Professional Indemnity Insurance policy. We’re available with advice at each stage too.

1.Ask questions: we’re here to help in the way that you choose. In addition to the information on this site, you can request a call back for advice from one of our friendly advisors at a time that suits you.
2.Request a quote: use the web form, send us an email, phone us, or get us to call you back with Professional Indemnity Insurance quotes.
3.Buy your insurance: over the telephone – just talk to our UK-based team of qualified insurance specialists.

Why choose us?

Insurance shouldn’t interrupt the way you work, but you need to know it’s always there, so we make YOUR Insurance work with your business. With YOUR Insurance, you can:

Spread your payments

To help you with managing your cover you can choose to pay your insurance premium in monthly instalments.

Know that you have financial security

By taking out our Indemnity Insurance policy you’ll know you have the support of Europe's largest independent insurance intermediary, Towergate Underwriting Group Ltd.


Policy features

Our Professional Indemnity Insurance policies can provide cover for:

Loss or damage to documents

If important documents (paper or electronic) are lost or damaged, the effect on business activities can be very disruptive and damaging. Cover for the cost of replacing or recovering documents is included.

Dishonesty or theft

If just one person within a business acts dishonestly or steals from a client, rectifying the crime can ruin an entire business. Covering your business against the risk of one bad apple acting illegally provides the financial support to rectify the situation quickly and minimise the effect.

Intellectual property

Infringement of copyright, trademark or broadcasting rights can be carried out on purpose or inadvertently. Either way, the repercussions can have a financial impact on the business.


A mistake, omission or failure to exercise a duty of care can have devastating effects on an entire business. Cover is included to protect against the impact of such events.

As with all insurance policies, limits and level of cover will depend upon the package you choose.

Things to look out for

Insurance is designed to protect your business. To make sure that you get the most from your choice of cover, you need to bear in mind:

Reasonable care

Insurers will expect you to take reasonable care to protect electronic and hard copy documents and prevent loss or damage. For example you must have sufficient procedures in place for the security and back up of documents held electronically.

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