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In a class of its own – trade insurance

In a class of its ownWhen it comes to small businesses, tradesmen are in a class of their own.

Electricians, carpenters and many other trades work hard to provide specialist services in a close, face-to-face relationship with their customers. Just as there is a special quality to the sort of small business run by a tradesman, however, so too can trade insurance be in a class of its own.

  • A class of its own - no two tradesmen run their business in exactly the same way. The unique differences between their businesses, therefore, would ideally be reflected in different types and levels of trade insurance. If you discuss your requirements with our highly-trained offline support staff, you'll see that that is precisely the kind of insurance we can provide - trade insurance to suit all business, whatever your area of specialty, whatever your business size;
  • Public liability - as a tradesman, this is one of the areas you have probably heard mentioned a lot when it comes to insurance. It's not a legal requirement, but many tradesmen will find it difficult to secure the larger kinds of contract without it. It is designed to cover the trade against claims from clients, customers, or members of the public who suffer loss, damage or injury, either on or off the business premises, during the course of any activity (or failure to act) on the part of the business;
  • Premises - not all tradesmen, of course, will own or even rent their own premises or yard. Those that do, however, will probably want to include within their trade insurance cover against the normal perils such as storms, fires, flood, explosions, vandalism, theft and damage caused by vehicles. If you are running your business from home, then it is certainly worth checking with your home insurance providers whether that cover might or might not cover the business;
  • Tools and equipment - for most tradesmen, of course, the tools of their trade are at the heart of their business. Often built up over a number of years, the collection of tools and equipment is a valuable investment, cover for which many will find well worth incorporating within their trade insurance.