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4 Reasons Why You Need Entertainers Insurance

Your business may need YOUR insurance

In the past it has typically been difficult for those involved in the entertainment industry to find appropriate insurance for their trade, largely due to a lack of understanding amongst insurance providers. However, here at YOUR Insurance we have a wealth of experience in providing policies to suit a range of entertainment professions. If you’re a musician, DJ or an entertainer and you’re unsure whether you require protection, take a look at these four reasons why you need entertainers insurance.

Theft or damage of equipment
For most entertainers, the equipment they use is at the heart of their act. Whether you’re a singer with a microphone, amplifiers and lights, a band with instruments, or a performer with props and costumes, imagine what you would do if those items were stolen or damaged. Entertainers insurance provides financial protection in these eventualities, and can cover the cost of hiring replacement equipment.

Public liability
Many musicians and performers may not consider public liability insurance as a policy they require, however having this protection in place can be a valuable asset to an entertainer. Should a member of your audience be injured or be involved in an accident as a result of your act, this policy will help you with any potential legal fees or compensation awarded to the claimant. You may also find that venue owners will not allow entertainers to perform in their building without this essential cover.

Employer’s liability
If you employ members of staff in any capacity, such as assistants or roadies, employer’s liability insurance is an important measure, and for some entertainer’s may even be a legal requirement. If a volunteer or employee is involved in an accident whilst at work and you are found culpable for the incident, this policy will provide cover for legal fees and compensation costs.

International cover
With YOUR Insurance it is also possible to include European cover as part of your insurance policy. This means that, should you perform in Europe, your protection can be extended to cover a range of eventualities that may occur whilst you are overseas.