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Why hotel insurance is vitalIn order to find the UK’s ‘Mr and Mrs Average’, a study was carried out over a period of ten years based on customers that took out travel, building, contents, life or car insurance. According to the research conducted by a prominent UK insurance provider, Mr and Mrs Average live in a modest three bedroom home with one bathroom. They own possessions considered valuable enough to insure and two cars, one being a Ford Fiesta and the other either a Vauxhall Astra or Vauxhall Corsa (Source:

While this research offers valuable insight into how the average person lives in the UK, when it comes to car insurance, no one wants to be labelled average by his or her car insurance company. Whether you do in fact drive a Ford Fiesta or something a little more exotic like a BMW 3 series, your car is still a valuable asset, your pride and joy. You need to know that your car insurance company understands your unique needs so that in the event of an accident, you are covered.

YOUR Insurance offers cost effective car insurance polices that can be tailored to suit a wide range of requirements to cater for everyone. All the standard car insurance options are available, including fire, theft and third party cover and a range of additional features including stereo cover and personal effects insurance.

If you regularly drive to Europe for business or pleasure, our Free European Cover is valid for multiple trips of up to 60 days per trip. If you are a particularly careful driver with an accident-free driving record, you may also become eligible for the YOUR Insurance Guaranteed No Claims Bonus, with the added option of a discount of up to 60%.

If your budget does not stretch to a lump sum annual premium, YOUR Insurance offers a monthly payment option that enables you to spread your payments over 12 months. You never know when your car may give you trouble, hence YOUR Insurance has set up a free 24 hour emergency and legal helpline to assist you should an incident occur.

Noon or night, there will always be a friendly professional on call, ready to assist you when you need it most.