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B&B insurance: Is your establishment suitably covered?

Is your establishment suitably covered?Many B&B owners in the UK rely on their business as their sole source of income. So what would happen if your boiler burst or your roof blew off during a storm? Risks such as business interruption can have crippling consequences for your establishment, making adequate B&B insurance cover vital.

Understanding the implications of inadequate B&B insurance before an incident occurs could save you time, money and stress. Public liability is a critical consideration. You do not want to find yourself in the position of having to foot the bill if a guest brings a liability claim against you. Lawyer’s fees are expensive, and if the court decides you are negligent, you could be ordered to pay compensation.

While liability is one of the major risks B&B owners face, it is not the only one. You could be faced with the loss of revenue due to the illness or death of one of your partners, or be left unable to accommodate guests due to property damage caused by a flood, fire or storm.

Theft is also a concern. Guests usually travel with mobile phones, iPods, cameras, laptops and a range of other valuable items targeted by criminals. Unfortunately, B&B owners also have to contend with dishonest guests and employees. Especially in larger establishments, stock and appliances theft can run costs up alarmingly. There is also the risk of guests departing without footing their bills.

Reducing the financial risks associated with running a B&B or guesthouse requires specific B&B insurance. The key to securing adequate B&B cover is to insure your business with a policy specifically designed to suit your industry requirements.

YOUR Insurance understands the risks B&B owners face, allowing you to tailor your insurance to suit both your needs and your budget. Our B&B insurance policies cover a wide range of risks including public liability, employer’s liability, business interruption, buildings and contents cover, money and assault cover, loss of licence and theft by employees.

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