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Do I Need Business Insurance If I Work From Home?

Starting a home business has many lifestyle perks: no commute, more of a lie in, flexible hours, the list goes on. These bonuses, however, make it easy to forget that your home is your new office, and needs to be treated as such. The bottom line is that you do need business insurance if you work from home, and to illustrate here are the top five reasons why:

Your current home insurance just won’t cover it: if you wait to contact your home insurance broker after a theft or accidental damage to your office equipment you may be surprised to find that they won’t cover it. Your business, although located in your house, is separate to your home and is therefore treated that way.

Protect your property: your new business is going to require some new stuff. Business insurance will cover loss of, theft of and damage to anything from printers to laptops. Buying the right home business insurance today may put a stop to financial lunch tomorrow.

Protect your liability: an expert advisor will be able to tailor your new business insurance to your professional needs. This should have the option of including some sort of liability insurance that will cover you from a range of things to being accused of negligence to damaging a client’s property.

Protect your workforce: A further feature of customised home insurance is liability cover for your workforce. Now you can cover your employee’s possible negligence and avoid costly compensation payouts for an incident that isn’t your fault.

Can you afford not to?: The cost of legal battles over fault and negligence against companies can be crippling. Without insurance, every little accident your business has could be a financial disaster. It’s always best to have peace of mind so that you can fully focus on your professional career.


Business insurance is essential protection for your livelihood. Even – in fact, especially – if you work from home, it is your responsibility to cover yourself, your employees and your property. Avoid fiscal disaster by taking out cover today, before your home working dream becomes a monetary nightmare.