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Insurance fact sheets

June 2013

public liability factsheet

To help you better digest information on some of the policies that we offer, we have put together some simple to read fact sheets for some of our policies, broken down into key points and without any insurance jargon. Click on the links below to open up the PDFs, or right click and "save target as" to download them.

Public liability fact sheet

Employers' liability fact sheet

Shop insurance fact sheet

Featured article: The public liability insurance guide

June 2013


It is the most common form of business insurance but often one of the least understood. In this guide published on the Public Liability Insurance Blog, we go through the basic elements and answer some of the most common questions. Forming the core of almost any business insurance package, it is worth educating yourself on public liability insurance so you can make sure that you are adequately covered when it comes to setting up your policy.

This guide covers:

  • What public liability insurance is
  • What elements there are to the cover
  • Who it is for
  • What sort of thing affects your premiums

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